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A Wild & Crazy Ride

My life, and July, has definitely been a wild and crazy ride! It felt like I was moving every second of this past month. Starting July 1 and continuing until July 31, I’ve been traveling ALL across the United States.

I have to say: What an INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL nation we live!

I wanted to give everyone a quick splash through pictures and words.

My travels began in Fort Worth were Mark and I started our 10 day adventure to Telluride, CO. This hidden little town is the perfect hideaway from this Texas heat.

After a trip that is hard to put into words, I went down south, to Houston, TX, to spend time with my family.

Rounding out the month, I ended up in Oshkosh, WI at The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration. My dad and I flew up in our vintage Cessna 195. Later in the week Mark and his father joined in on the fun!

This summer, and month, has been extremely memorable. Thank you to all I have been able to share it with!

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