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Rest & Relaxation… Kinda.

Wowzers! Today is the first night I have been able to sit down and simply rest. Amen! It is MUCH needed. I feel like I have not stopped since I arrived in Italy. It has definitely taken a tole on my health as well. I, along with the rest of my 5 roommates, have come down with an awful cold! I am so thankful I can just relax for a moment and leisurely  cross things off my list!

It has been a week of BIRTHDAYS here in Florence. On Tuesday, one of my roommates, Audra, turned “venti anni” (20 years old). Another TCU sweetheart, Amberle, celebrated her “diciannovesimo compleanno” (19th birthday)!!! Only a few short weeks till I am “VENTUNO” – THE BIG 21!!! WOOHOO!

A quick overview of my school week:

Monday: Wine Tasting – I had a delicious dessert wine, Albana di Romagna Passito Casa dè Monzi Chiarli (far left).

Tuesday: Marcello, my professor, showed us where it is said that Dante, author of the Divine Comedy, sat watching the construction of the Duomo.

Wednesday: NO SCUOLA!

Thursday: Italian and International Marketing.

That’s all folks!! Hehe. My school week is over! As well as my first month in Italia!

Ciao Ciao!

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