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Italia: Week 1


Here is a quick over view of the past week…

Tuesday: Arrivederci Houston! Over the pond to London and then to Pisa.

Wed: Arrive Florence. Well, first arrive in Pisa. Collect our luggage… that is what luggage made it to Pisa. One of Kathryn’s bags got lost in transit from plane 1 to plane 2 in London (the bag has since then been returned to her :]). We then bought our train tickets that took us from the airport to the central train station in Pisa. Another train to us to my new home, Firenze! From there we took a taxi to Hotel Medici where we meet up with the other TCU students. That night we enjoyed a great Welcome Dinner with great new friends in our new home.

Thursday: New Apt. Penthouse on the 6th floor…with SIX girls!

Friday: Walking tour of Florence… we learned all about the supermarkets. Lunch w/ Jane Kucko from TCU and afternoon orientation at my new school… Lorenzo de Medici!

Saturday: Kathryn and I ventured to the COOP all alone… we bought only enough groceries and diet coke that we could CARRY home!

Sunday: Lazy morning. Then Kat and I made a packed lunch and walked to find our first class. We certainly found it… yes, behind the Fendi and Louis Vuitton stores. After that we walked a street over to the Arno River were we sat on the wall and enjoyed our lunch!

Monday: First day of school! First class of the week: Religion and Politics of the Middle East. My professor is from Venice and speaks broken English… this should be interesting! To end the day, I have Wine tasting. On the first day we were able to taste 5 wines (2 white & 3 red) all from northern Italy (the piemonte region).

Tuesday: Classes of the day were Italian and The Quarters of Florence. I have a great 3 hour break between the two so life is good!

Wed: No School! Time to work on my website.

The plethora of pictures to accompany the above!

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4 Responses to “Italia: Week 1”
  1. Lucy says:

    Wow! Unbelievably awesome pictures! So jealous- can’t I be 20 again and take your place? The penthouse is so cool and great views- I just don’t know how you can concentrate and study. I would want to go exploring everyday! Do you get every Wednesday off? Keep the pictures coming! I know you are having the time of your life!

    • Ashley says:

      Thanks so much Mrs. Lucy! I wish y’all could be here to enjoy everything with me. Every Wednesday I have off- it’s great! Oh, and yes, there is never a dull moment. I feel like I haven’t stopped in days!

  2. Alex says:

    Whoa!!! ASH!!! All of the pics are amazing! It looks like youre having such a great time and learning a bunch of new things! You are VERY missed back home! Im doing my best to keep your Marky sane! haha

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