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In the last week…

In the last week… WOW. I feel like I’ve been all over Texas this past week… ohh but I have! I started in Conroe… flew to DFW… then flew back to Conroe… then DROVE back to DFW! Whew! It was a busy Wednesday/Thursday last week. The flying part was quite an adventure! That was due to good Ol’ Texas summer afternoon thunderstorms. The pictures below give you a little idea of what it was like flying with my dad in his 1954 Cessna 195.

After that flight, I was able to go listen to the incredible Jack Johnson perform at The Woodlands Pavilion. Crazy muddy but great show with some great friends! Now, I’m back in FTW enjoying a few days here before I go back home the pack my bags for ITALY! This weekend was great too. I got to see some friends and even entertain in the new apt! Props to Mark for cooking a delicious dinner!

First Monday back for everyone here at TCU. I hope everyone had a great day! Tonight, I’m going out the Joe T’s for the wonderful Haylie Hall’s birthday dinner! Can’t wait!!!



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