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Okay. Okay. I know I always talk about the Keller Hicks Band but I can’t help it they are my KHB boys and they are AMAZING! Here is a video from their show out at Love & War in Texas in Grapevine!

Katy Perry

I have taken a liking to Katy Perry’s new song “Teenage Dream“… it’s super cute and catchy. The video below is Katy Perry talking about her new music video. Click the link above to watch the video on YouTube. Enjoy!


Just a quick update! YAY… for finally getting this AMAZING new site up and running! (Special thanks to TheWorldOfMark!!!) ZOO… ventured over to the the Fort Worth Zoo this weekend! So neat to see all the different creatures we share this awesome planet with! Babysittying… Oh my, I got to spend my Saturday night with […]


I love to watch the sunset every night and each night I am in complete awe of its beauty. Here are a few pictures that I took tonight. (Click on the image to view larger)