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Venezia for my 21st!

I am officially 21! Well, at least I am 21 in Italia. I have a few more hours to wait until I’m 21 in the States. Most celebrate their 21st birthday out at the bar, but I get to spend my 21st in Venezia! I’m here, in Venice, for the weekend with my oldest and […]


While in Germany last weekend, I snapped this photo in the BMW Welt. Throughout the building there were little phrases dealing with JOY – what defines joy, what is joy, what creates joy. To me the above picture completely encompasses the word joy. What a precious moment shared between father and daughter filled with joy […]

Rest & Relaxation… Kinda.

Wowzers! Today is the first night I have been able to sit down and simply rest. Amen! It is MUCH needed. I feel like I have not stopped since I arrived in Italy. It has definitely taken a tole on my health as well. I, along with the rest of my 5 roommates, have come […]

Weekend in Germany

Oktoberfest: I went. I saw. I still don’t like beer. BMW: We took a quick train ride over to the BMW Welt & Museum. Rathaus Glockenspiel in Munich! The beautiful countryside I enjoyed on my eight hour bus ride back to Firenze. Over all, great weekend! Even after 16 hours on a bus in transit […]

Fun fact about Roma!

Love in Latin is amor. Amor spelled backwords is Roma. Roma is love!


I just enjoyed the freshest, yummiest blueberries everr! As I was walking home from my first class, I saw these delicious looking blueberries and raspberries. So, I stopped and got myself a little treat for a lunch desert (much healthier option than gelato :])! One more class this afternoon – The Quarters of Florence. This […]

Italia: Week 1

Italia! Here is a quick over view of the past week… Tuesday: Arrivederci Houston! Over the pond to London and then to Pisa. Wed: Arrive Florence. Well, first arrive in Pisa. Collect our luggage… that is what luggage made it to Pisa. One of Kathryn’s bags got lost in transit from plane 1 to plane […]


About to board the plane for italy!! I should land in London around 1 am Houston time. Then, one more flight to Pisa! Keep checking for updates!! Ciao, Ash

Incredible people!

I am surrounded by incredible people! Tonight, I was surprised by a small group of my close friends… It was a going away of sorts. Here is what I walked into as I entered my apt… (Click on the image to view larger!!!) All of that after my second night out to a girls dinner!! […]

In the last week…

In the last week… WOW. I feel like I’ve been all over Texas this past week… ohh but I have! I started in Conroe… flew to DFW… then flew back to Conroe… then DROVE back to DFW! Whew! It was a busy Wednesday/Thursday last week. The flying part was quite an adventure! That was due […]