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Buon compleanno… to me!

My birthday was a great success! I had a wonderful time in Murano watching a glass blowing demonstration, visiting S. Marco Cathedral in Venice, and enjoying a relaxing gondola ride. The Bova’s and I also had a tasty dinner… birthday cake, candle, can singing involved! I’m a lucky girl! Now, I’m exhausted and off to bed!

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4 Responses to “Buon compleanno… to me!”
  1. Mark B says:

    You are too beautiful Ashley Atkinson. I do love you very much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY one last time! Never again shall we spend a birthday apart!

  2. Stephanie says:

    These are sooo beautiful and so are you and Kathryn!

  3. Pat Atkinson says:

    Great picture What a great place to enjoy your 21st birthday!
    Miss you and look forward to seeing my girl soon



  4. Lucy says:

    What wonderful pictures! I am so glad you got to enjoy your birthday in a beautiful city with good friends!

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