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I love spring time at TCU! Beautiful weather and tulips!  Read More

Where did January and February disappear to?! I hope everyone had a great LEAP DAY! My day started early and ended late. Days like those are always full of excitement! Quick recap: -GYM -FREE CHICK-FIL-A -WORK -RELAX […no. no. no time to relax.] -FIGHT DALLAS TRAFFIC -PENS/STARS HOCKEY -HOMEWORK I can’t decide what that best part of the day was… FREE Chicken Minis from Chick-Fil-A... Read More

Favorite pictures of Hampton Court Palace (London): Swimming Swan… King Henry VIII Tutor Ceiling Horse carriage ride through the grounds My secret garden awaits…            Read More

Favorite pictures of Florence: A rooftop view of the Duomo on my 1st day in Italy. Peaking out the wooden windows… Across the Arno River… Ponte Santa Trinita. Overlooking Firenze from Piazza Michelangelo. Festival of Lanterns.  Lights and Joy fill the air! The Duomo at Christmas.  Read More

Sweet Summertime: My favorite things of summer Clouds: Animal shaped is a plus! (See the Elephant?) Airplanes: WW2 era B-25 & an early morning hot air balloon flight Pools: Time to relax and cool down from the Texas heat Sunsets: See every color in the sky & unwind from the day  Read More