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Hampton Court Palace

Favorite pictures of Hampton Court Palace (London): Swimming Swan… King Henry VIII Tutor Ceiling Horse carriage ride through the grounds My secret garden awaits…            Read More

Favorite pictures of Florence

Favorite pictures of Florence: A rooftop view of the Duomo on my 1st day in Italy. Peaking out the wooden windows… Across the Arno River… Ponte Santa Trinita. Overlooking Firenze from Piazza Michelangelo. Festival of Lanterns.  Lights and Joy fill the air! The Duomo at Christmas.  Read More

Sweet Summertime

Sweet Summertime: My favorite things of summer Clouds: Animal shaped is a plus! (See the Elephant?) Airplanes: WW2 era B-25 & an early morning hot air balloon flight Pools: Time to relax and cool down from the Texas heat Sunsets: See every color in the sky & unwind from the day  Read More


Here are some of my favorite pictures from Mark and I’s trip to Telluride: (The endless miles we wish would stretch on and on) (My view as Mark and Eric have a July ski session)   (Exploring an abandoned mining town) (4th of July in Telluride) (Taking in the views after a 5 hr. hike) (Sweet love. Alta Lakes, CO) (Photog. Mr. Brown) (Where the blacktop ends…)  Read More

A Wild & Crazy Ride

My life, and July, has definitely been a wild and crazy ride! It felt like I was moving every second of this past month. Starting July 1 and continuing until July 31, I’ve been traveling ALL across the United States. I have to say: What an INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL nation we live! I wanted to give everyone a quick splash through pictures and words. My travels began in Fort Worth were Mark and I started our 10 day adventure to Telluride, CO. This... Read More